Techstars company, develops connected sensor technologies for non-invasive measurement of human conditions, allowing users to track and monitor their personal health data.

Drinking Analytics
Real Actionable Data
SmartLine and the Morning quiz use algorithms to provide recommendations based on your drinking trends.

Learn your Limits
Integrate your actual data into future consumption.

Stay Safe
Data is only as good as the purpose it’s used for.

Highly Accurate. Always Reliable.
Police Grade Precision
Alcohoot uses the same Platinum Electrochemical Fuel Cell technology used in police breathalyzers. Knowing your BAC% helps you make informed decisions that affect you and those around you.

We are a NYC based startup with a strong grounding in breath testing technology through our flagship product, the Alcohoot smartphone breathalyzer. We have developed systems that extend our products into commercial markets, including law enforcement and mobile work forces. Innovation is at the heart of our process, and we continue to develop sensor technologies for an expanding range of condition monitoring applications.

Investor Relations
For more information on the company roadmap and opportunities to help expand the future of breath sensor technology through Vertisense